The SII Engine is an "Out-of-The-Box" solution, meaning that after installation, you will be able to calculate standard formula and produce QRT reports automatically.

The SII Engine installation is completed in 1 day

Installation can either be as a cloud hosted service or installed on-premise in your company's own infrastructure.


After installation, the SII Engine team delivers different services, to assist you and your company in getting fully prepared and compliant:

  • Data requirements By creating a company specific input adapter, we define the data your company needs to deliver to the SII Engine, in order to comply with Solvency II. The input adapter is delivered as SII Engine templates, incl. detailed sourcing guidelines.
  • Data verification We assist you in identifying the required data, in your different back-end systems and/or Data Warehouse. Then we transform data if necessary, and help you load the data into the SII Engine templates. Data can now be uploaded manually.
  • Basic training
  • Advanced training
Automated Data sourcing (Optional project)

You can data source the SII Engine manually with SII Engine templates or automatically by integrating the SII Engine to one or more data sources. SII Engine data sourcing projects can run in accordance with your plans. The integration project is based on an iterative process with end-to-end testing with all relevant back-end systems.

Previous data sourcing projects has ranged in time from 2 - 8 months, depending on number and frequency of iterations.
If you want to hear more about the integration project and previous case studies, please feel free to contact us.

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