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Codan has been in production with SII Engine since December 2013 using the solution for standard formula SCR calculations, regulatory reporting and stress testing. Codan has a very complete and high quality SII data coverage and has in the space of 3 months automated the data input requirements for the SCR calculations.

Codan is the 3rd largest insurance company in Scandinavia and part of RSA one of the largest general insurance groups in the world.

Codan - Part of RSA

Gensidig Forsikring conducted a 7-week Proof of Concept with 2 vendors, before making the final decision to select SII Engine.

“Asseco was able to demonstrate a system implementation of the EIOPA SII requirements, not just plans and PowerPoint slides, and they showed an ability and willingness to bring the SII into the context of mutual non-life insurance companies”.

Gensidig Forsikring is an association of mutual insurers operating in Denmark. More than 20 mutual insurance companies in the association decided for SII Engine after a thorough investigation of a shortlist of vendors.

Gensidig Forsikring - Member of Amice

During the first half of 2014 Mandatum Life have done a thorough testing of the SII Engine in a Proof of Concept project. Mandatum Life will be using the SII Engine for standard formula SCR calculation and QRT reporting. Mandatum Life is currently integrating SII Engine to their enterprise data house.

Mandatum Life one of Finland's most respected and solvent financial services providers and part of the successful Sampo Group have selected SII Engine for their handling of the requirements in the Solvency II directive.