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Optimise Your Solvency II Process

The SII Engine

With Pillar 1 and 3 integrated, this is the most optimal and powerfull Solvency II process, giving you a controllable end-to-end solution.
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If you want to replace the EIOPA T4U, the SII E4U gives you Pillar 3 QRTs and XBRL converter, installed in-house or in a cloud.
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Scenarios and Forecasting

Customize forecasting, stress test and scenarios, and see the impact on your SCR, SII Balance Sheet and other SII results.

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Proven and audited

Used by 65+ companies in 12 countries.
Received an ISAE 3000 audit declaration.
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Installed in 1 Day

Perform calculations and produce reports immediately after installation.
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Always fully compliant

We will keep SII Engine and your company fully EIOPA compliant at all times.
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Gartner Group on SII Engine

"On a scale from 1 to 5 where 5 is the highest possible, Gartner Group awarded the capabilities of SII Engine in regards to Pillar I, Pillar II and Pillar III to be 4. The breadth of the SII Engine solution is scored above 4."

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Codan has been using SII Engine since December 2013 for standard formula SCR calculations, regulatory reporting and stress testing. Codan has a very complete and high quality SII data coverage and has in the space of 3 months automated the data input requirements for the SCR calculations.

The Danish association of Mutual Insurers Gensidig Forsikring, which also includes members of AMICE, conducted a 7-week Proof of Concept with 2 vendors - a provider of Business Analytics SW and Asseco, before making the final decision to select SII Engine.

Since 2014, 20+ Mutual Insurers have used the SII Engine for annual and quarterly regulatory reporting, following the decision of the Insurance Regulator in Denmark, to implement Solvency II based on capital requirements calculation and reporting ahead of the 2016 deadline.

During the first half of 2014 Mandatum Life conducted a thorough testing of the SII Engine in a Proof of Concept project. Mandatum Life will be using the SII Engine for standard formula SCR calculation and QRT reporting. Mandatum Life is currently integrating SII Engine with their enterprise data warehouse.

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